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Year of the Ninja

Put one up with the planet every time you roll up with Doobie Ninja hemp papers

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Reach freedom for yourself in whatever capacity you seek with our Young Factors Innovation Lab.

Timber Madness

Replace timber with hemp and expand your mind with our Reforest the World Collective.

The Whole Pi

Have a great time and enjoy life with Doobie Ninja.

The Full 2022 Delly Soul Experience

Enjoy the unique opportunity for people rocking with Delly Soul to gain access and fully build with the movement and the artist!

Doobie Ninja Tree Club

A collective of herbal enthusiasts who reforest the world by rolling doobies up.

Hemp Papers that Grow Trees

Roll up with a top of the line hemp rolling papers from a public benefit company created to reforest the world. Every time you buy a box of 100% hemp Reforestation Papers this year, 5 trees are planted.

The First Year of the Ninja

Join us for the first Ninja New Year challenge where we try to plant as many trees as we can from now until Earth Day.

Young Factors Innovation Labs

A collective of entrepreneurs who can make things happen and want to build things that improve many humans lives.

Get Better Options

Get past bootstrapping without breaking the bank or selling your soul.

Self Success Challenge

Show up for yourself and others and build rep.

Venture Accelerator Program

Accelerate your startup and get success metrics.